Someone said: "The world is dominated by materialism, capital, and conflict. That it's not the right form of it".
Someone agreed: "There must be a true freedom. Let’s bring it back."
Some others followed.
They started building a Metaverse on a blockchain where no one can control, cyber-diving from various countries, connected with each other as avatars, together they begin to form a new world.

One day, the AI engine they created -The Prophet- muttered: "The first 10,000 have to awaken. From there, it said, the creation will accelerate".
-The Prophet- continued "When the 144,000 awake, the whole world will be overwritten into a new. The genesis will be accomplished then".

The first 10,000 to be awaken
This is their story.
The real story began from the metaverse. For the sake of an ideal Xanadu, They named it "XANA."