XANA: Genesis is the first-ever original AI-based NFT collection of XANA. 10,000 Japan anime-styled Unique avatars with robust utilities include a personalized AI engine with full commercial rights and various privileges in the metaverse.
Inspired by "Blade Runner 2049", In Metaverse, you need an intelligent partner to interact with you, entertain you, and support your activity. With the XANA's own AI engine"Prophet" as the base, You will be able to personalize your AI Partner in your way.
The Metaverse Infrastructure For Billions of Users. XANA is an EVM-based blockchain infrastructure and DApps platform custom-built for the Metaverse. Bridged with all major blockchains, compatible with all popular wallets, and already adopted by the major institutions and global brands.


🗓3:00 UTC 23rd July: VIP / Whitelist Round
🗓5:00 UTC 24th July: Public Round
🗓7:00 UTC 29th July: Reveal

- These terms and conditions may be modified without prior notice.
- The owner of this NFT has the following rights only to the NFT illustrations owned by the owner.
1. may use the NFTs in their profile pictures on social networking sites, etc.
2. The owner may create and sell derivative works.
3. Commercial use is permitted.
- Fan art (derivative works) may be used by both owners and non-owners.
- However, the sale of such works must be done with the permission of the owner. If permission is granted, XANA will support it to the extent possible.
- Large-scale efforts by corporations or individuals whose commercial use of originals or sales of derivative works exceeds $100,000 / year should be approved in advance by XANA Headquarters. XANA is obligated to notify the XANA headquarters within the following month of any subsequent results.
- XANA: The GENESIS logo and brand belong to XANA.
- XANA reserves the right to use any and all XANA:GENESIS entities and content to enhance the overall value of the brand, regardless of user ownership, without the right to prior notice.
- Secondary works and commercial use of the work must be clearly identified as XANA: GENESIS.
- You may not use or sell this NFT under the false pretense of being your own original work, or under a different brand or name.
- In the event of a violation of any of the above rules, XANA will be obligated to reimburse any damages incurred by the owner or non-owner of the NFT.